Do you tend to have Colds and Flus every season – or many times in the ‘Flu season’? Do you believe that it is possible to leave your Colds and Flus in the past – and transform the ‘Flu season’ into Freshness outside/Hygge inside: a season of crisp air, quiet happiness, warmth and nurturing and special connections? 

I didn’t either. 

Colds, Flus and various acute respiratory visitors were my middle name as I grew up. In my early years I experienced many pains and problems but if there was ever a case for my feeling really demoralised it was because of severe pain I experienced during acute respiratory diseases which would drown my Spirit for a week at a time (at best) into a sense of absolute and overwhelming helplessness. 

I wish I knew then what I know now…

That it is possible to learn to avoid most if not all acute respiratory diseases – easily. That acute diseases of any kind – including respiratory – actually respond very well to natural health therapies and special tools such as Colourpuncture.

That ‘To Treat or not to to Treat’ in relation to Colds and Flus is not even a dilemma.

That there is no such a thing as a Flu season: there are just situations – cold weather including – when we need to be:

  • Extra careful not to over expose ourselves to cold and generally live according to seasons 
  • Promptly start adequate treatment if you see the very first signs of Cold (should you happen to overdo happy winter activities outdoors) – having learnt this treatment well before
  • Consciously cultivate a background health of your Immune system at all times not just in  Winter. 


Amazing Colourpuncture ‘Cold treatment’ for Colds, Flus and the like 

I knew for some time since graduating in Colourpuncture that we have a treatment for Colds and Flus. But I didn’t apply it to my chronic respiratory problems…. Barring an unreasonable self sabotage I think this was partly because it became one of my tolerations. 

Probably because Colds and Flus were just ‘my thing’ for so many years I thought it was OK – and partly probably I didn’t really believe it was even possible. Until one particular time when I had yet another Cold and it was bad and I had enough. 

I opened a chapter in my Colourpuncture books and got to diligent practice every treatment which would mention ‘Cold’, ‘Flu’, Immune system and so on. I didn’t want to choose; I wanted to ‘carpet bomb’ and not take any chances – something will help I figured. I did treatments for all possible layers: current, chronic, individual, ancestry, developmental and so on.

To say the result exceeded my expectation would be an understatement. Touching wood as it still seems a miracle to me, while it wasn’t immediate it was sustainable.

Considering the amount of suffering – and potentially disastrous consequence for general health – that acute respiratory disease tend to cause I think learning Colorpuncture just to be able to wave a happy goodbye to Colds and Flus is totally appropriate. 

Then I had my Acupuncture training. I started, very slowly and with much suspicion to get OK with a TCM idea of ‘invasion of external pathogens’. And so potentially just practicing targeted Acupressure with well known Acupuncture points we can develop power of containing acute respiratory diseases at a totally manageable level – or develop sustainable resistance to them. 

Colorpuncture provides a fast track to a breakthrough and a sustainable result. With Acupressure you will likely to need a bit more efforts and time – but it will give you good results.

Here is our Playlist ‘Colourpuncture for Healthy Immune System’ which contain details on how to find and use Acupuncture points we mention in this article:

Fragments of Cold treatment 

A big part of an amazing Colourpuncture treatment for Clods and Flus uses Colourpuncture on classic Acupuncture points which are most effective both for general strengthening of immune system and if you already have symptoms of cold, flu, or other acute state. Another part of the ‘Colds’ treatment has a background in classic Naturopathy and revolves around making Lymph system dynamically working again. 

Here is how classic Acupuncture points for Colds and Flus and all sort of ‘Invasion by External Pathogens’ can be combined together and translated into language of Colourpuncture. 

These are fragments of Colourpuncture’s amazingly effective, simple to use and truly life changing treatment for treating acute respiratory problems; you can learn the whole thing on the 3.5 hours Short Workshop Cold, Flu, Sinusitis, Ear & Throat pain’. If you are interested in taking this workshop please get in touch to discuss various options available.

We need to activate the points before Colorpuncture treatment with Acupressure massage and use our usual Colourpuncture timings: 20-30-60 sec per point depending on age and state of health. If you have a darker skin you might need a little more light – 60 sec instead of 30 sec for example.  


Yin Tang

Yin Tang is located right in the middle between eyebrows – it is also called ‘Mid-brow point’ – and is a widely used point for a variety for health problems: 

  • Yin Tang restores inner calm and ease, helps alleviate stress, restlessness, and anxiety 
  • Yin Tang is one of the main Acupuncture points for all sort of sleeping problems
  • Pain relief: Yin Tang is also used for headaches and facial pain, including those related to sinus congestion and other acute or chronic pain in face and head. 

We use Yin Tang in Red – especially when there is nose congestion during Colds and Flus – when there is no high temperature. 



Ren 22 is located at the upper edge of the sternum, in a visible dip between the neck and two collarbones. 

We use colour Yellow and point our Perlux downwards: important!

In TCM Acupuncture Ren 22 has many health benefits; there are 3 main functions of Ren 22:

  • Ren 22 helps to descend disturbed Qi from the head. A disturbed Qi can be pain, such as headache, or inner turmoil, in both cases Qi or energy is pushing upwards instead of descending 
  • Ren 22 helps to resolve many problems with the Lungs, the throat, the voice, Ren 22 is great for all acute and chronic respiratory problems such as cold, flu, bronchitis, cough,  and also with any upper chest Qi Stagnation 
  • Ren 22 resolves Phlegm and so can help both in cases of Phlegm in respiratory tract but also in case of Phlegm affecting the mind so Ren22 is very good for reducing anxiety.

In Coloupuncture we use Ren 22 to promote downward draining of the lymph from the head, and so to clear up the head area. Draining the lymph form the head is often the first step to improve functioning of the entire Lymphatic System. 

Use Ren22 for harmonious flow of Qi, clarity of thoughts, good voice and healthy Immune System 🙂 


Large Intestine 4

On our Colourpuncture Academy YouTube Channel we are making an entire video series based around LI4 to show just how easy it is to use spectral colours in Colourpuncture and how different colours applied to the same point can have different effects. Please watch our  ‘Simple Use of Colours in Colourpuncture’ series  to appreciate rich gifts of Colourpuncture! 

LI4 is located on the top of your hand, in an angle made up by lines of the thumb and index finger. 

We use colour Red as a main colour when we treat LI4 for Healthy Immune System as Red warms the body and stimulates blood circulation. However, if you have high temperature (fever) you need to use Blue as Blue relaxes and calms the heat. 7. LI4 is a very common and useful point. 

Here are main functions of LI4 in TCM Acupuncture:

  • LI4 is useful for any problem or pain related to the face and head: anything in sinuses, ears, throat, nose, eyes, teeth, or jaw; LI4 is also good for dizziness
  • LI4 is great for any headache, body ache or congestion caused by external pathogens: this makes LI4 one of the most important points in treatment of Cold and Flu
  • LI4 balances entire digestive system so LI4 is good fro stomach aches and other digestive problems 
  • Finally, LI 4 is known as the pain point in the body. 

Treat LI4 to support harmonious flow of Qi, healthy digestion, freedom from pains (in any location and every type of pain – including psychogenic tension), expelling pathogens and healthy Immune System 🙂

So the reason for choice of colours on LI4 is very simple and based on meaning of colours in Colourpuncture and Colourpuncture principles: Red is warming and stimulating colour and Blue is Cooling and sedative.  

Please watch our Simple Use of Colours in Colourpuncture series for details of how we use other colours on LI4 in Colourpuncture.

In a nutshell, LI4 expels external pathogens, tonifies Qi, strengthens immunity, stops pain, and regulates the entire face and head area. Just one caution: LI4 is a point which is used in Acupuncture to induces labor so we do not use it in pregnancy.


Lung 7

Acupuncture point Lung 7 is located above the wrist on the inside of the arm. To find this point, you need to interlock your thumb and index finger of one hand with those of the other, the point lies on the edge of the index finger, in a depression between the sinew and the bone.  

Same as for LI4, we use colour Red as a main colour when we treat Lung7 for Healthy Immune System as Red warms the body and stimulates blood circulation. However, if you have high temperature you need to use Blue as Blue relaxes and calms the heat. 

Lu7 is one of the most powerful points on the lung meridian. Here are 3 main functions of Lung7 in TCM Acupuncture:

  • Lu7 stops a persistent cough, relieves a sore throat and helps with other symptoms of cold, flu and other respiratory tract problems; Lung 7 helps Lung Qi to descend and it circulates Defensive Qi helping our Immune System 
  • LU 7 helps head and neck, treating headaches, migraines, stiff neck, and so on
  • LU 7 is also used to improve circulation in the brain and stimulate memory.

Treat Lung 7 to support harmonious flow of Qi in your head and neck, great memory, powerful brain functioning and healthy Immune System 🙂 


Line LI1-LI4

And here is a beautiful way to connect all the powers of the points at the beginning of LI meridian with Colourpuncture: we just stroke the whole line from LI1 (Jing-Well) through LI2 (Ying-Spring) and LI3 (Shu-Stream) to LI4 (Yuan-Source). All these points work for expelling pathogens, clearing heat and reducing pain. 

Large Intestine meridian is a Yang counterpart for Yin Lung meridian and so we use it to help the Lung meridian which is directly involved in acute respiratory diseases. 

Again, when we treat the LI1-LI4 Line warming and circulation-enhancing Red is the main colour for strengthening of the Immune system and all the symptoms of Cold; and we use Blue when there is fever. 


Add some simple measures

I personally found that simple things help: 

  • Keeping the whole body warm particularly feet 
  • Light warm preferably vegan food
  • Plenty of fluids
  • Plenty of rest, really good quality worry free rest and relaxation – this is probably most import as it creates optimal condition for the body to get into inbuilt self healing mode.



Letting Go

This is an interesting yet little known side benefit of Colourpuncture Cold treatment. You can use the same point combination (full protocols in our Short Workshop: Cold, Flu, Sinusitis, Ear and Throat Pain) to support Letting Go principle. Do everything in Red colour. Then just sit down, relax and… watch this space!

If you want to have a better lifestyle, warmer relationships, deeper self-awareness or whatever else you wish to have, you often need to let go of outdated patterns of thoughts or behaviour. ‘Cold treatment’ of Colourpuncture makes a part of my go-to ‘Letting Go Colourpuncture’ therapy sequence for psycho-emotional side of health and life. 



If you don’t have a Perlux yet (all Colourpuncture Perluxes are on Sale at the moment at 20% please contact us if you would like to buy it at a discount) you can do the same points with Acupressure! 

While you might not get wonderful flying sparks of Colourpuncture triggered insights into your Inner Self you will get a reliable and sustainable effect over time. 

Acupressure makes a great start – you get to know your points, the difference in sensations between the meridians: dull and unpleasant vs deep and nasty vs sharp and electric. 

When you have your Perlux you still do Acupressure before your Coloupuncture to activate the energy of the point! So Acupressure makes both fully valid stand alone therapy and a great prep for future Colourpuncture should you wish to learn it. 


February 2021: ask your question about Colourpuncture!

In February 2021 I am giving FREE, no obligations, focused 20 min one to one online consultations on Colourpuncture: please get in touch and ask me anything you would like to know about Colourpuncture and what it can help you with – or to learn a tailor made short treatment protocol for your current needs.

If you don’t have your Colourpuncture Perlux yet, don’t worry: Acupressure on Colourpuncture points will give you very good results.

I’m here and I’m happy to help!

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