Would you like to receive a FREE, no obligation online one to one Colourpuncture or Acupressure consultation on a health or wellbeing issue which you are struggling to resolve? Would you like to learn more about what Colourpuncture – or Acupressure – can do for you personally (or for a family member), at this particular moment of time?


I practice Colourpuncture since 2003 and I teach Colourpuncture since 2006 in the UK. I know Colourpuncture. I love Colourpuncture. I use Colourpuncture for myself, for my family, in my Clinic nearly every day and at this moment of time I would like to give something to Colourpuncture community – to help people to overcome what they are struggling with by using Colourpuncture or Acupressure or answer a particular question they might have. You can be one of these people 🙂

I set up complimentary online Colourpuncture/Acupressure 20 minutes one to one consultations for February 2021 – with no obligations whatsoever: it’s just me helping you with anything you need to know about Colourpuncture.

I’m passionate about Colourpuncture because Colourpuncture did so much for me – and for my family; and it keeps giving great results for people in our Clinic.  I’d love to help people who have questions on Colorpuncture but may be don’t have somebody to ask. I’m writing about Colourpuncture here, on my Cafe Self blog and I would love to know what you might want to read which will help you on your Colourpuncture journey.

If you would like to take part in our 20 minutes complimentary consultations all you need is a keen interest in Colourpuncture. It doesn’t matter where you are on your Colourpuncture journey:

  • You might just invested into your Perlux, Colourpuncture light set and you have no idea where to start
  • Maybe you don’t have a Perlux yet but you like the idea of Meridian therapies and keen on Acupressure and you’re wondering how you can do Colourpuncture with Acupressure to start with and would like to know how you can get good results with Acupressure
  • Maybe you took one of the trainings in Colourpuncture – and if you took any of the trainings in Colourpuncture you know that Colourpuncture is a vast and beautiful ocean and sometimes it is difficult to know where to start and which treatment to choose
  • May be you struggle with how to combine different treatments within a session so you can give enough Colourpuncture to address a particular problem while still observing Colourpuncture rule ‘Less is More’
  • Maybe you’re an established therapist and you have a difficult case and you need some advice
  • May be you would like to learn a short treatment with specific Colourpuncture points combinations to address a particular health issue such as headaches, stomach aches, colds etc
  • May be you would like to translate a particular life problem into Colourpuncture treatment such as relationship problem, boundaries problem, sense of Self, maybe a childhood issue, or your future direction in life.

In a nutshell these consultations are for you if you have a keen interest in Colourpuncture and if you’d like to make your Colourpuncture experience simple and efficient.

If you are reading this post beyond February 2021 when I’m doing those consultations please get in touch anyway because there will be a waiting list: this is something I’m considering doing again at some point in future.

If you know somebody who can benefit from a chat with me about Colourpuncture or Acupressure please share this video and/or this post, you might help somebody to access just what they need.

Please book a complimentary consultation with me using the form below. I can help you 🙂

I’m looking forward to connecting with you for 20 min free Colourpuncture/Acupressure consultation soon.

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