Every time you feel like ‘changing your life’ – or, more modestly, just wanting to really improve upon a particular aspect of your lifestyle, what’s the first and simplest tool you can use? Well, ‘Letter from the Future’ of course.

While we may have some vague (or concrete) ideas on what we want to see in our life or in ourselves concerning a particular part, it’s an overall vision which is often missing – including a good measure of day dreaming and practical imagination.

Here’s is how to start. This video concludes our Cafe Q&A (October 2021) series on ‘Surviving Life’s ‘Tornado”, which outlines a collection of practically helpful and easy to apply tools when we find ourselves in the middle of an unexpected and often seemingly imposed life’s transition. Yet, you don’t have to enter a life’s crisis to learn and practice these tools – in fact, the best strategy, just as in preventative medicine, is a proactive and planned approach.  Think New Year Resolutions or increasingly popular 12 weeks planning.

Here is the video transcript:

“So, tool number one: ‘Letter from the Future Self to your Present Self’ – when you’re going for an ‘A to B’ situation. A is where you are now; B is your ideal future. And then we are looking you’ll be looking for an ‘escape route’ out of this ‘tornado’ and then we proceed according to the steps. So we are writing a letter from our Future Self to our Present Self and it could be done in several ways. The simplest way is to just describe your ideal day; ideal day in five years time, or 10 years time. What are you doing? What are you feeling? Who are you with? Where you are? All these details you can give and this just describes your lifestyle if you wish. This describes how you’re feeling, how you you know what are you thinking about, what are you doing and so so on. It describes more of an ‘external’ life as well. If you are in this ‘tornado’ situation because of the relationship situation with relation when you go through a separation now and the relationship situation is at a forefront of your attention even though in this particular case you also have a professional change, you have a change of your place of residence. And according to my observations very often these things happen at the same time in some shape and form; not necessarily as dramatic but in some shape and form when there is a big change, there is a big change: when there is a ‘tornado’, it is a ‘tornado’! It lifts and it reshapes and it re-evaluates everything. So, but if you want to focus on relationships specifically what you can do is you can describe – from your Future Self to your Present Self – you can describe the QUALITY of a relationship that you are having. And now notice I said the ‘quality’ – you’re not describing the person you are with; whether or not you would like to get back together with your ex-partner or you want to meet somebody who will represent the ‘ideal’ partner; this is not about this. This is not about a person at all because at a level of projections people – external people – people in our life represent parts of us which we long to own but we don’t. So if you go on from a relationship perspective – no projections no nothing – pure relationship as a relationship, what kind of relationship you’re having in future; what kind of what kind of words you can use to describe relationship? Because relationship could be different: they could be loving, it could be quiet, they could be stormy, it could be passionate, it could be I don’t know it could be ‘cuddly’ you know, they could be fiery -they’re all different ways to describe a relationship. So try to focus on a description of a relationship not a person you are with. Then what happens – when you really really describe what it is that you want to have in your future, unconsciously you start moving in this direction. As soon as you finish this description – it’s not going to be overnight obviously it’s going to take some time to manifest in in the external but – you are going to start moving in this direction straight away because it will be like your it will be your SatNav, it will be something that you already entered somehow into the you know deep deep deep level of your subconscious. And your subconscious will help you with people, situations, your own behaviour, resources, research and so so on – to attract the situation while you will be going you know about your usual days and so so on. So what can happen regarding the partner, either your current partner which is an ex-partner in this case will start showing a different side of themselves to you somehow because you will start behaving differently, because you will determine really what you want and you start behaving from this perspective then basically by the by the sort of energetic resonance this person might – if they have a capacity; if a relationship has still some potential – this person might turn their other sides to you and you come you you come back together. Or sometimes there is indeed no potential in the relationship and there is no this side of this person we had hoped for and then you will attract somebody else who will be on the same wavelengths as you and who will be more in tune with who you became. But, if we are talking about for example a house or where you want to live – if this is not a house that you already have – and you want to just change your residence, with a house again go for the description. With the house you can be more concrete because the house is a house; a house is something that you can buy of your own, you don’t need anyone else so you’re not intruding on somebody’s space. Because for example if you imagine let’s say your ex partner you know behaving in a certain way this is intrusion into their energy space. And this is not going to work and it can backfire on you so don’t do that but when you’re describing a house for example or a location or a neighbourhood then you can be more specific because if this is something that you can clearly visualise, this is something that you can attract; something you can create for yourself. Same goes for a profession, same goes for a community, same goes for anything else so – Letter from the Future :)”

Please let me know if you have any practical questions on how to use this tool and you are using it in a connection to some Big Life Change, please read/watch all other parts of ‘Surviving a Life’s ‘Tornado” series:


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