How do we get out of this breathtaking feat of our inner engineering, this amazingly solid and carefully built invisible cage of our rigid beliefs, limiting decisions and self defeating daily choices – coated in a thick layer of nobleness? 

How do we recognise that the door of this cage has been open all the time? 

How do we find enough courage to take off our Super Hero outfit and file away our hard earned BSc, MS, MD, PhD, saving account statements and similar important looking papers propping our external identity, our social Self – to accept that all we are is a little part of the collective of simple mortals with the past which won’t return and the future which might/might not happen and the only important thing in life that we have is truly this sunrise, this sunset, this meal amazing in its simplicity, this body breathing and moving freely, the safety of our home and faces of our loved ones? 

How do we see that these simple things are what our Soul is here to experience, through our Body during our voyage on Earth? 

How do we let ourselves take a day off work just because we really really feel like it, once in ….like…. 5 years? 

How do we pluck up courage to ask ourselves a question about what is really important to us individually – and then much more courage to decide to fully accept our Soul’s answer? 

How do we “embrace the mess” and accept and even celebrate the entirety of our bizarre inner landscape: its footpaths, avenue, and patches of uninhabitable wilderness of our Soul?

How do we trust this seeming chaos of our life choices? 

How do we create determination to act upon our Soul solid answers, random messages and little whims, each and every day in a way that our single day contains all we need to give, all we need to receive, and all there is to be?

How do we get our life mission accomplished in our everyday – in a big way or small?


The treatment strategy of Degenerative Basic Pattern

Degenerative Basic Pattern of Colourpuncture is an end point of development of a disease which started with an obscure and intermittently present Endocrine Imbalance followed by a scary looking and painful Toxic Basic Pattern of inflammation and toxicity. 

On a Body level it follows chronic unaddressed toxicity and (often sub-threshold) inflammation. On a Soul level it develops from a deep seated and unresolved Conflict of some sort. Sometimes there is also a trigger in a form of a traumatic event or a period of extreme stress which throws our Autonomic Nervous System out of balance tipping us towards internalised Sympathetic dominance. 

The treatment strategy on a stage of Degenerative Basic Pattern of disease development, that of Manifest diseases or energy stagnation, lost life direction situation, is two-fold: 

  • we need to adequately and sufficiently address the presenting symptom/disease picture while
  • setting about healing the roots of the disease, collecting all split parts of our Self  and Soul together again and finding our way back to ‘the Path’.

True, when we talk about manifest diseases it’s hard to switch the focus from a full drama of immediate pain, terrible blood pressure readings or worrying scan pictures/test results and suddenly start thinking about what we wanted to be when we were children, dreams that never happened, or, how could we have handled a situation which still haunt us and eats is from inside, differently? After all something hurts and the other something is plain scary. 

And yet, there is no other way in wholistic healing. On a stage of Degenerative Basic Pattern, manifest diseases and energy stagnation we need to set about unraveling the whole chain of events and our choices which brought us to this point. It’s a fine balance of fully dedicating yourself to treating the presenting problem while going completely back in time and inside our Self and to be really ready to hear the Soul answers. 


Strengths and Challenges of Degenerative Basic Pattern (DBP)

The Strength: (amazing) manifestation. You are master giver. You are totally self reliant. You easily manifest in the outer, reach the top (and stay there) in everything you do. You under promise and over deliver.  You are ‘On’ most of the time going on regardless – which can be an impressive trait (to be used short term) for say emergency workers. 

In fact, your manifestation is so dazzling that nobody even questions your talents (which often reside somewhere else)… It doesn’t matter anymore what talents you were given; you made them all work. And then some.

You are likely to have an unwavering Spirit and more than average energy levels as birth gifts. This is exactly why you never had a reason to learn about the limits of your abilities and tend to overstep them. 

The Challenge: developing the richness of inner life, a dialog with your Inner Self and a Soul feeding lifestyle. Part of your challenge is to accept that ‘Off’ part of the time as a part of the package of being human and not as a weakness; to learn that asking for help is a sign of maturity. 

Also challenge is to accept that other people are different; they operate on different ‘software’ and this doesn’t make them lazy or slow. As for your own work ethic you need to figure our where, when and how exactly your famous work ethic become a pure workaholism with a conflict avoidance hidden in it. 

People with a tendency to or at the stage of Degenerative Basic Pattern tend to be ‘closed’, very closed, habitually closed – even to themselves. In the beginning of a therapy, often they can’t answer the question ‘What are you feeling?’ no matter how much they try. 

Yes, you are here to ‘deliver’; this is part of your Soul mission. But right now, you need to master an art of a deep dialog with your Inner Self and switch to delivering some regular feeding to your own Soul while starting de-assembling and dissolving your old conflicts and hurts, one pain at a time. To make this strange (for you) process easier make yourself accountable to somebody who will support your commitment to cultivating of rich inner life, peace, self awareness and some (oh my!) slowness. 

Understanding and accepting strengths and challenges which come with Degenerative Basic Pattern is the key to recovery from the illness – and also to experiencing the being part of life itself. 


Treatment structure of manifest diseases and energy stagnation: integrative, ‘wholistic’ care

When treating a degenerative stage of physical diseases it is necessary to work with a suitably trained therapist, and yes, a Doctor. Energy stagnation cases will respond to body therapies such as Acupuncture and Colourpuncture.

It is important to understand the time frames of healing: the disease took time to develop; it will take time to reverse. During its development the disease effected many layers of your being and all of them now need to be addressed. Your self care will take a vital, active, extensive yet supporting role. Your Soul searching and Soul feeding is your focus alongside medical treatment plan. Please do not ever rely on just one (amazing, miraculous, whatever) therapy if you have a tissue destroying disease. No amazing diet or a single therapy modality alone will give you what you need. 

I was very lucky to take part in seminars delivered by a well known and successful integrative doctor. He shared many amazing things with us but the phrase which stayed with me was this: “Never ever start treating severe diseases from the body level only: they will get somewhat better on a body level and they will never going to look into what brought them there in the first place; and there will be no sustainable healing”. 

In Degenerative Pattern there is usually no problem with diagnosis: there is a disease label – and the tests are crystal clear. It’s just the label that can be frightening. 

So in treating a ‘degenerative’ case we need it all: a diet, a detox, a medical treatment, possibly some supplementation, energy work and a correct attitude. 

I always refer my Degenerative Pattern patients to integrative doctors and then fully cooperate with an overall treatment process by doing my part: Acupuncture for free flow of Qi to ensure un-impended oxygen and nutrient supply though the body; Colourpuncture for Conflict Resolution and emotional hurts; and plenty of high quality Soul feeding 🙂 


Lack of Love and ‘difficulty receiving’ 

Lack of love and a resulting problems with a natural balancing of giving and receiving may be a problem in manifest diseases and energy stagnation cases. Often there is a firm belief that world is a harsh place. There is also a true conviction that you should support other people otherwise they’ll fall apart. They won’t – you might, on this stage. ‘Other people’ will learn to take responsibility and develop self-reliance, sooner or later, with or without you. Your pride in your work or caring responsibilities (when this comes at an expense of your own Self and Soul needs) which supports your ego may fail you as a human being living in a body inhabited by Soul on a voyage of Spiritual discovery. 

You need to realise that constant and successful work or care for others is not a full life. You need to also start practicing seeing the difference between ‘caring for’ and ‘caring about’ if you are into caring…


Rigidity vs creativity, freedom and expression 

Rigidity of thinking, beliefs, words and habits need to be worked with. ‘I’m fine’ as a default answer is a problem not a positive thinking or noble humbleness or even a truth. And so are other habitually used default answers. To build up new, authentic habits try to take a little pause and breathe in before you answer and choose to say something different. 

Something that simple as choosing a new route for your daily walk or deliberately using varying words to answer to ‘How are you doing?’ will slowly start shaking the structures of internal rigidity and energy stagnation and get the ball rolling. Your Inner Self will start getting closer to your Daily Self, one step at a time. 

Start observing what you are really saying. Start noticing red flags…such as in this little real conversation with a patient with multiple degenerative diseases (and a big loving Heart ….. and a helping Soul, a lifetime of caring for other people):

  • ’Emotions?’ 
  • (Proudly): ‘I shut them down a long time ago!’

At a stage of Degenerative Basic Pattern, crying is a massive personal achievement (and often a turning point in healing). 

We might need to learn that saying ‘No’ is not about being weak but about being real about our true feelings and available resources. 

To practice loosening rigid internal structures get into a messy creative project, even deliberately impossible – let yourself ‘fail’…and enjoy the imperfection. Create a pebble pattern of a beach and let it be washed away by the waves…

Google ‘Wabi Sabi’ to get some inspiration. 

Block time off even if you don’t feel like it and happy to work. 

Start questioning your assumptions, especially ones glorifying external achievement, an absolute need for high professional positions and such. Start practicing making this move from the outer to the inner, one Morning Journalling at a time. You can – and you will! – perfect everything later. The key is to get going – and at a slow pace. 

Practice asking for help and receiving help without apologising for being human.


Organising your Life Experience 

Degenerative Basic Pattern often stems from (apart from when it’s caused by consequences of physical injuries and constitutional predisposition) long forgotten or carefully suppressed traumatic memories and feelings combined with a non willingness to look into the past. Looking into the past, calmly, with support and without judgement is vital in Degenerative Basic Pattern as we are unravelling the tangled spaghetti of our life experiment here, all the way backwards. 

Reconsidering the past experience treated as a short targeted visit in order to reframe a particular experience or simply recognise which other options for responding to a situation there were is often enough for de-entanglement of emotion from the memory – under supervision of a skilled therapist. This is not just the way of healing the past and building emotional contentment in present – this is the way to make your future choices free of unconsciousness repeat patterns. 


Do you have Degenerative Basic Pattern?

In case of manifest physical diseases there is no problem with a diagnosis…there surely is a name for it in ICD (International Classification of Diseases) – which often sounds like a label for life. What is also needed here is looking into purely physical level of your Being, the inner environment on a tissue level, and supporting ‘ground regulation’.

In energy stagnation cases you will say something like (a real case): 

  • ‘I can’t decide whether to paint my house or not… for 10 years…’ 


Personal advice

Get into a doctors surgery and do all the tests they can do and then also go to an integrative doctor and ask for what they can’t – you need them all. Never rely on natural health alone or on one therapy modality alone. Humbly accept that you might have a long way to go back to un-dig the original conflict. Accept a possibility of a limited recovery in some cases (say in arthritis cases) and focus on workable solutions instead. 

When you are working, say taking all the weeds out and building a massive support for your plants, stop and practice Smelling the Roses….

Practice demonstrating vulnerability – OK, just for yourself, in your own home, at night, in full darkness when nobody, even you, can detect your tears and fears, and other human traits. 

Understand that health-wise you are dangerously close to a point of no return – and then quickly turn back and run…towards your Self and Soul.

Feeding the Soul is a must and should preferably be started within a supportive environment. 

One thing you might also need a therapist for is to look deeply and honestly into  often deep rooted and well hidden and so invisible for you ‘secondary gains’ – which is a must with Degenerative diseases. What have you been trying to achieve with your working hard, reaching the top and helping everybody around but yourself?


Clean up! 

From my clinical experience, various Cleanses including good old Spring Cleanse are a great starting point to both detoxify the body (which is always needed in Degenerative cases) and learn a lot about yourself, your needs, your cravings and your poisons in the process. 

In a similar but even deeper way working with dropped projects, unrealised dreams and addressing various Unfinished business is often both a massive clue and powerful trigger to recovery. Therapies can be very beautiful and effective but a conscious movement of the Soul is needed to collect all the pieces of your health puzzle together.

Some say Cleanse itself will heal you from the most stubborn disease. I personally feel that serious and chronic diseases or most helpless energy stagnation cases are more complex and should be addressed with help of integrative care; however the Cleanse, physical, emotional and spiritual is an absolutely vital part of the process. 

If you identify with Degenerative Basic Pattern I’d like to leave you with a single simple question: 

  • What One Thing can you do for yourself, for your Soul, today, with the same energy, determination and quality which you put into your work (profession, running a charity, looking after the family) – that is to be repeated on a daily basis from here?


Remember, with Colourpuncture healing the very roots of a disease, ‘chronic’ doesn’t equal ‘forever’. Hope you will be inspired to take action and make changes.  

If you are interested in learning Colourpuncture treatments for manifest diseases, chronic health problems, energy stagnation or life situations where you are feeling ‘stuck’ please contact us to find out which learning options would be best for you. I would be happy to answer your questions 🙂

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