Welcome to Day 7 Journalling Challenge ‘Letters to the Soul’!

Please download your Day 7 workbook JournalChL1WorkbookDay7


Supporting resources:

Yin Tang (in between eyebrows):

Acupressure or/and Colourpuncture:

  • Blue for relaxation, to promote sleep, to de-stress
  • Orange for energy, motivation, joy
  • Violet for spiritual attunement and to overcome consequences of trauma (combine with Du20 and Du19 in Violet and Ki1 in Red)

Dream Zones:

Massage + Oil Relax is a primary media. Sound therapy is a good support for all dreamwork. Colourpuncture is also used if you have a Perlux tool.

  • Zone of Fear (Colourpuncture: Yellow), front of the body over shoulder joints
  • Tiphereth (Colourpuncture: Blue or Yellow), solar plexus area


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