Welcome to the Day 3 of Journaling Challenge ‘Letters to the Soul’, Level 1!

Please download your Day 3 workbook: JournalChL1WorkBookDay3


Acupuncture points/Dream Zones related to Spirit or Joy of the Heart:

  • Acupressure: Heart 7, ‘Spirit Gate’ (in the inner wrist fold, approximately in line with a little finger, towards the inside of a round bone; left side then right side) 
  • Dream zones: Joy Zone (covering all the inner wrist as an ellipse), massage and then rub in some Oil Relax, left then right side 
  • Colourpuncture: Ht 7 or the entire Joy Zone can be treated with Orange – colour of joy. 

Wishes Basket: please find some ideas on how to start your Wishes Basket here; we will discuss this on a group call as well.


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