Colourpuncture (also Colorpuncture or Colourpuncture Light Therapy) is a natural health system of holistic assessment and therapy. Colourpuncture utilizes an application of coloured light onto Acupuncture points and various reflex zones (such as in Reflexology) on the skin. The combination of healing properties of light, colour and Acupressure in Colourpuncture produces a synergistic effect, when the interaction of multiple parts in a system results in an effect different from or greater than the sum of parts’ individual effects.

Colourpuncture is most similar to Acupuncture. However, in Colourpuncture we use a pen light with coloured glass road instead of needles. A powerful union of light and colour transmitted through a multitude of traditionally used Acupuncture points, Reflexology zones and new, empirically defined Colourpuncture skin zones creates a unique  natural therapy for the body-mind. Colourpuncture is gentle, painless, powerful, non-invasive and easy to learn and apply at home, at work and on the road.
Colourpuncture (Colorpuncture)  has been developed by a prominent German naturopathic doctor Peter Mandel (1) as a result of ongoing empirical research since the 1960s. Colourpuncture is a self-contained natural therapy and also an important part of Peter Mandel’s Esogetic Holistic System of healing. Peter Mandel’s and Markus Wunderlich’s long-established Natural Health Practice in Bruchsal, Germany, still attracts dozens of clients every day who make – often a long – way to experience unique benefits of Colourpuncture and related therapies.
Colourpuncture could be viewed as a unique new technique of natural therapy in a stage of therapeutic maturity and early days of scientific research.
Dr Popp’s (2) research on bio-photons has demonstrated relevant correspondences to Colourpuncture. Dr (Med) Wollaert (3) has been conducting research in his medical practice on Energy Emission Analysis, a significant assessment tool in Esogetic Holistic system and Colourpuncture. A recent research by Dr Michael Drexel (4) on photon signals before and after Colourpuncture treatment has been a much-welcomed study of Colourpuncture light therapy in a clinical experimental setting. While all these being just a beginning of scientific validation for Colourpuncture and more research is undoubtedly needed, Colourpuncture is not the only therapy known to deliver masses of positive results well before the mechanisms of its inner workings were deciphered.
From a therapeutic perspective, Colourpuncture seems to work by unlocking and releasing  the very root causes of stress, pain and disease whether on conscious or unconscious, brain or tissue memory levels. Colourpuncture  might help to resolve a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological challenges  including those normally resistant to other therapies.

As Colourpuncture addresses all levels of the human being, having a profound effect physically, mentally and spiritually, Colourpuncture also makes a great tool for personal change and development as well as expansion of  your consciousness, by translating your inner insights and  impulses into daily constructive actions.

Colourpuncture is a state-of-the-art preventative approach for natural health and well-being. By addressing the very roots of your individual, past and present, inherited and acquired body-mind dis-balance Colourpuncture helps you to ensure that you will be at your best possible level of health, well-being and performance for years to come.

Colourpuncture is known and popular in many countries worldwide. Colourpuncture and Colourpuncture research being mainly German-originated and mostly in German language had until now much less prominence in English-speaking countries due to the language barrier.


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