Colourpuncture light therapy includes different therapeutic approaches depending on the media used:

1. Colourpuncture with spectral colours
2. Colourpuncture with soul-spirit colours
3. Colourpuncture with grey colours
4. Ultra-violet puncture
5. Infra-red puncture

Spectral colours for flat focus Colourpuncture
Warm spectral colours

We use colours from different parts of the colour spectrum for different purposes in different therapies and treatments of Colourpuncture light therapy.

What is the origin of colour and light-puncture?

All known photon radiation consists of electromagnetic vibrations with the visible – by humans – light belonging to this field as well. It comprises the vibrational interval between 780 (red) and 400 (violet) nanometers. When we see the colours we see, in fact, the energy of light.

How can colours have any effect on us?

Each colour corresponds to a certain wavelength, which then has a certain frequency. In physics, the harmonious vibration is considered to be a regular movement, which happens within certain boundaries on the same path back and forth. The number of vibrations within a certain time interval is called frequency.

Cold spectral colours for flat focus Colourpuncture
Cold spectral colours

The colours of the white light contain specific energies, which effect all of our vital functions. The effect of colours seems to reflect through the meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine, simply because the depth of penetration of the light into the living tissue is rather shallow.

The energy channels are distributed throughout the whole human body. Their balanced and unobstructed functioning is responsible for all the vital functions of cells, tissues and organs and carries the necessary life force into the respective body areas. According to traditional Chinese medicine, an overemphasis of one or the other of two polar forces – yin and yang – creates  a dis-balance  a dis-function and eventually a physical disease. The harmony of all your life functions is guaranteed only when the polarity of this bio-energy is maintained.

Colourpuncture uses the sound knowledge base of Traditional Chinese medicine about yin-yang balancing and meridian pathways of the human body and skin acupuncture points, but uses colour and light of different wavelengths as a therapeutic media instead of needles or pressure.

The primary colours of visible spectrum are RedBlue and Yellow. As we all know when we mix two primary colours, we will have the so-called secondary colours such as OrangeViolet and Green. The colours which are opposite in a traditional colour wheel are called complementary.

Artists have long been using traditional complementary pairs, including:
red and green 
blue and orange
yellow and violet

The complement of each primary, or basic, colour (red, blue, or yellow) is roughly the colour made by mixing the other two in a subtractive system:
red complements (blue + yellow) = green
blue complements (red + yellow) = orange
 complements (red + blue) = violet

The seven spectral colours are bordered by the vibrational frequencies of ultra-violet and infra-red. Peter Mandel has also discovered the exact place for turquoise colour in the traditional colour system and since his remarkable discovery, darker and lighter accents of turquoise have been extensively used in Esogetic Colourpuncture to address different issues including psychological complaints.

The Colourpuncture therapy of Esogetic Medicine has begun with using spectral colours red-orange-yellow-green-blue and violet. Progressing in its development, Esogetic Colourpuncture added infra-red puncture, then the soul-spirit colours, the grey colours and ultra-violet puncture. Through many years of extensive research and clinical experience, Peter Mandel has found exact location skin zones and points – body correspondences – for each colour to have the most beneficial effect for health and well-being.

The human body is a fine-tuned system of carefully maintained balance with inbuilt capacity to self-regulate and self-heal.

Each individual colour – or wavelength – has a very defined effect on certain aspects of our health – physical, emotional and psychological – and, conducted via the meridian system of the body, has the unique ability to gently, quickly and powerfully help your body to balance back to health and harmony should these happen to be challenged by stress, pressure, trauma or simply the excessive demands of modern life.

Please click here to discover the exact meanings of each colour according to Peter Mandel.

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