Cultivating the Self is an online course

Introduction, ‘The Second Spring’ 

We will start by organising the perception of your life experience.

Your everyday Self will meet your deeper Self.

We will fully acknowledge some ‘bad’ experiences and carefully let go of emotional entanglement related to them. The memory will stay, the pain will go.

We will lovingly look at some ‘good’ experiences and gently let go of emotional expectations created by them. Great standards will fluidly integrate into new places in your life.

Finally, we will discover some long term influences of various undertones. These always have been with you but woven into your daily life so much that we didn’t and still don’t detect them as formative. Kind of long and slow sub-threshold waves shaping the rock solid part of you. We will plan some new waves of this kind, consciously chosen this time.

This will make a foundation for your Second Spring. Here you stand tall, free to create a deliciously fresh version of your Self.

We start at the end of March 2020. Please register your interest now 🙂