Colourpuncture, disease development 

Endocrine Basic Pattern

Overview: ‘Full on the Inside, Empty on the Outside’: Endocrine Imbalance

Treatment: Endocrine Imbalance: getting your life TOGETHER


Toxic Basic Pattern

Overview: The battle must go on: Introduction to Toxic Basic Pattern


Degenerative Basic Pattern

Overview: ‘Full on the Outside, Empty on the Inside’: Conflicts, Stagnation and Manifest Diseases

Treatment: “Embrace the Mess”: Treatment of Degenerative Pattern


Colourpuncture, Colours

Red: Active RED

Orange: Happy ORANGE

Yellow: Sunshine YELLOW

Spectral Colours in Colourpuncture

Please note our Colourpuncture articles are our creative take on Colourpuncture theory based of our clinical and teaching experience, and continuous learning of this amazing therapeutic modality.