Deciphering your dreams or dream analysis

Deciphering your dreams – or dream analysis – is a fascinating process of ‘collecting’ those parts of your subconscious which your conscious self does not want to know, never knew or forgotten. Widely used ‘dream dictionaries’ assign common and fixed meanings to dream symbols (water, falling, chasing, being naked etc.) and offer a limited interpretation of the dream’s (more…)

Enchancing Colourpuncture with Esogetic Dream therapy

Colourpuncture light therapy benefits could be further enchanced by your own active involvement in your healing process. How is this possible? One of the best options for Colourpuncture self-help includes learning Esogetic Dream therapy and taking an active part in helping your body to process color light on a deeper level. What is Esogetic Dream therapy? (more…)

Targeted dreaming

Do you dream when you sleep? Do you dream but cannot recall your dreams? Do you recall your dreams but don’t understand their meanings? Do you not dream at all? Do you know that it’s  good to have dreams but some of yours can turn out to be nightmares? Are you fascinated by dreams? Would like (more…)

Dream yourself free

We are now in the very last part of the quiet of Winter, when Nature is about to move into the new life of Spring. What does Winter mean for you? A light- and colour-less, unwelcoming cold part of the year which – if it wasn’t for the long festive season – you wish would pass rather (more…)