Have you ever experienced… let’s call it….. a Spring Paradox? 

It’s Spring! You feel everything waking up all around you (the flowers: blooming; the birds: vocal; your Heart: ready to let more love into your life). You are all enthusiastic to live out beautiful facets of your Life and Soul this year (just like a flower) and sing this new song you carried inside you all Winter long (just like a bird), and open up your Heart to love more. 

You start going about it and …. something doesn’t feel quite ‘right’. You feel you can’t open up your petals or spread you wings or fill up your lungs with air ….fully…or let your Heart become happily giving and joyfully expectant. You can almost physically feel like something is weighing you down and your Song, your Love and your Soul aren’t where you feel they can be. 

You feel almost as if you started breathing in, deep and long…. and stopped half-breath. And then again. And again. 

Spring Paradox isn’t really season specific; it’s just in spring we notice it more on a contrasting background of Nature coming back to life. There is usually a common yet elusive culprit here: your new start is being sabotaged by an intriguing type of Clutter, Unfinished Business. ‘Unfinished Business’ can be described as “personal experiences that have been blocked or tasks that have been avoided because of feared emotional or interpersonal effects” and usually evokes an image of a psychoanalytic room and a sightly daunting task of deep examination of your entire psyche. Yet there is a much more plausible aspect of this type of Clutter which can be looked at easily, reasonably quickly and deliver tons of insight and practical action opportunities – Unfinished ’Projects’.


Unfinished projects make perfect energy drains

And surely here they are lurking in rarely visited corners of our conscious mind: our (many) unfinished projects. Something we started and didn’t finish; something we decided on but never made that first step; this course we started and absolutely loved but ‘life got in the way’ and we never made it to graduation; this great new habit which we practiced and benefited from but then dropped (for no apparent reasons at all… )

Unconsciously labelled as ‘unfinished projects’ all these parts of our life experience  – often reflective of a deep need, and making a potentially highly nutritious Soul food – were quietly moved to the back burner – some never to resurface and yet not completely forgotten. 

Hidden and silent, unfinished projects make perfect energy drains. Often they also translate well into unexplained confidence drains. Or trust in Life and Self drains. 

The very beginning of Spring is an absolute top time for simplifying our life. Checking for potential energy drains is a great first step in simplifying our life – and making sure our fresh start and a new venture will be successful. 

The simplest – and best – human practice for this is good old ‘clutter clearing’ of our surroundings as what we surround ourselves with reflects our Inner State at this particular moment of time. The key here is which version of Clutter clearing we choose. 


Lack of time vs internalised fear

A rather long lockdown provided plenty of time for finishing off our Unfinished Projects: many people never ever had this amount of ‘free’ time in their entire lives and it has been a great chance to get on with things….like any kind of Unfinished Business. 

How many people do you know who truly took this chance to address their most important, long-kept-on-the-back-burner projects, wishes and plans? I know some. But way too many stopped at a thorough clearing their back garden.

Unfinished projects are slippery and tend to hide well once forgotten; they make a random mix of things of varying degrees of importance, closeness to our Heart and our internal restrictions formed by an integrated conditioning. Interestingly, my most challenging patients had immaculately organised homes. They really did take their clutter cleaning seriously. It’s just that their clutter resided elsewhere. 

Unfinished projects drain your energy pulling it back into the past (where you have no power to do anything anymore); they don’t let you be fully engaged in present and confidently plan for the future. 


Unearthing the treasures of Unfinished Projects 

This simple and practical side of Clutter Clearing – addressing our Unfinished Projects- is often overlooked or underestimated. But this aspect of Clutter clearing alone is likely to bring us an enormous satisfaction and peace – and often a new life development. This will help us to ‘organise’ our life experience: our wishes, plans and needs – and will give our Spring Cleanse a totally new flavour!

We are holding a Cafe Self Party on the 2nd of April (my Easter gift to you all!) where we are going to (in our mind’s eye) look specifically for this elusive category of Clutter – Unfinished Projects (in various degrees of progress). 

I created a very simple and quick exercise which helps our unfinished projects to resurface and helps us to make a dent in that big pile of potentially-fertile-soil-in-the-making. No drama needed – even with most tear inducing forgotten projects – just a practical love and care to our Inner Self – a total Soul food.

This is an easy and concise work which will help us to uncover our deep needs. And yes, we will decide on their fate so we can join into the energy wave of Spring and move on with our new projects. 

Clearing of Unfinished business is a Soul counterpart of Body’s Spring Cleanse and it will combine short prompt based reflective writing with questions aimed to lift these major energy drains to the surface of our conscious. We will also learn some Acupressure points and Dream Zones (specific for completions) to engage our body wisdom in the process. All your work will only be seen by you but if you are happy to share some of your insights with the group it will be wonderful!

Sure, life is not that simple and we often have other areas of ‘unfinished business’ such as unspoken words….unexpressed feelings….  long (or dramatic) lengths of time spent in un actionable emotions and so on. And yet it’s an existing project which most signifies our intent and so our true Wish. 

If the project is unfinished but not abandoned it often gives us enough clues to make a great leap forward, completing the past and arriving into the now.

And yes, you can put your Unfinished Projects all together on the floor to check for that “Spark Joy”.

Join us for the Cafe Self Party (it’s FREE!) on the 2nd of April, and let’s make a start on it together 🙂


Winter to Spring

In Spring on the side of Spring Equinox time (right about now) we shift from an inward focus of Winter to outward focus of Spring. It’s imperceptible for most of us and so it’s easy to miss; yet choices we make at this time – conscious or not – have a lasting influence on the rest of our year. 

After a Winter long contemplation and weighing our options we need to choose what exactly this year is going to be about – and start making some tangible plans!

If we recall that Winter is ‘The Seed’ in Chinese Medicine – a pure information, preparation for action in Spring, then

  • what would you love to take from your Winter contemplation to action out in Spring?


FREE one 2 one mini consultations 

Reminder: offer is extended till the 2nd of April to book free 15 min consultations with me. 

During our mini consultation we will choose your:

  • 3 point personalised Detox with Acupressure (or/and Colourpuncture)
  • 3 Dream Zones (light-touch self massage of the areas on the skin for targeted dreaming) and
  • a pattern reframe. 

This short and simple plan repeated daily (which will take 5 min each day at most) will create a gentle and powerful background Spring Cleanse for your Body and Soul for 6 weeks. You can do it on its own or combine with any other Spring/Liver Cleanse you have planned. Combine this with some loving attention to your Unfinished projects, being free from major energy drains, knowing exactly what you want to action out and enriched by engaging your Dreaming Self – and you are on fire!

Contact us today to book your FREE mini consultation and/or join Cafe Self Party – and start showing up in a leading role in your own life 🙂

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