The Self and the Family…. how do we nurture the connection and resolve family ‘issues’ while staying true to our individual Self? What do we do if our family sees our constructive intentions and kindness as weakness? Do we stay and persevere or do we get away and forge a completely different path somewhere else? And how do we go beyond individual connections to benefit the bigger system? 

Here is an interesting visualisation exercise which will help you to find an answer unique to you.

While you are watching the video (this is a fragment from Cafe Self Q&A March 2023) I’m inviting you to find an answer unique to you by relaxing into a visualisation….no expectations, no preconceptions, no ‘should’s or ‘must’s – drop every part of your conditioning and beliefs that you ever had and find your answer: just tune into what comes when you close your eyes and imagine…your ‘Mother’ strawberry plant and runners. Where are you? Which conditions have been shaping up your individual development up to this point? How your personal journey affected the bigger family system?

Any questions – please get in touch using the form below and you are always invited on our FREE monthly Cafe Self Q&A which apart from the Q&A part contains a discussion between all of us on the call which is often personal and so won’t be published. Many interesting insights come out of our discussions 🙂



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